FALL - #1 in Box Office!

Our latest project, Fall, has opened in US theatres (coming to UK this Fall) and is already taking over the Box Office!

The high-stakes thriller is set at a 2000-feet-high abandoned radio tower.

‘Spanish cinematographer MacGregor and an A-game visual effects team use the structure’s perspective to breath-taking, dizzyingly queasy effect and even find time for some rather stunning standalone images, briefly transforming a B-movie into something oddly artful’ — writes The Guardian.

We are incredibly happy to be a consulting VFX company on the project - as well as making sure the tower is high enough to bring in the suspense.

‘You know how it feels when you watch an old movie with rear projection that’s laughably fake? “Fall,” by contrast, represents a totally credible and innovative use of CGI. Watching the movie, we believe our eyes and, therefore, our raised pulses’, writes Variety.

Have you seen the movie already? Let us know what you think!