We are looking for an organized and methodical  individual who will help coordinate artists under the producers guidance. Follow the shots and assets as they move through our pipeline ensuring that all briefs and notes are tracked and communicated properly within the team. And guarantee the seamless operation of all processes on the production side. 

The role necessitates maintaining the efficiency and accuracy of supervisor and client notes, on a per project basis. Communicating with many people between different departments will require soft skills and confidence in multitasking, as well as time management and scheduling.

This position is well-suited to an individual possessing meticulous attention to detail and the ability to flourish within a dynamic, high-paced environment.


1. Material Organisation: You will be responsible for assisting in the organisation of materials, reports, and references from the shoot that are vital to the work of our artists.

2. Workload Planning:Collaborate with the VFX Supervisor and Production Director to plan the workload for assigned departments.

3. Overview Allocation: Daily overview the producers scheduling and planned tasks ensuring efficient use of time and manpower.

4. Team Support: Prepare and provide necessary elements for the team. This includes maintaining all necessary resources for smooth and efficient functioning.

5. Validation Tracking: Organise and keep track of validations, ensuring all necessary approvals are obtained in a timely manner.

6. Artistic Team Management: Monitor the deadlines of each assigned task, perform daily verifications, and adjust schedules as necessary.

7. Interdepartmental Communication: Facilitate communication between the administration and artists, and maintain communication between all departments.

8. Progress Reporting: Prepare daily reports on task progress (tasks to do/in progress/left to do), validations, and any issues in the departments.

9. Expense Monitoring: Monitor the current and upcoming expenses of the departments to ensure budget compliance.