We are looking for a highly structured and diligent  individual who will play a critical role in translating decisions made by the VFX producer into actionable plans, and communicating with the VFX supervisor the incremental steps and people needed to accomplish these plans within the project's creative vision on time and budget.

The role necessitates meticulous creation of project schedules and close monitoring of the timing and budget. As well as the ability to adapt to upcoming challenges.

The VFX Production Manager will supervise the work of the production coordinator, ensuring that all scheduling is properly executed.

The role may also require creating or revising VFX breakdowns. And communicate VFX shot lists with the Producer and Supervisor. While tracking shots and scenes from concept to final  delivery

A crucial part of this role involves close coordination with VFX artists and technical directors across every stage of the VFX pipeline to ensure timely completion of projects. 


1. Oversee the production of visual effects, ensuring the highest quality within budget constraints.

2. Communicate effectively with all the team members to ensure everyone is working towards the same goals.

3. Coordinate with the team to schedule projects and establish timelines.

4. Keep track of progress on individual shots and overall projects, adjusting schedules and resources as necessary.

5. Ensure the smooth and transparent delivery of projects on time and within budget.

6. Inspire the team and foster a positive, collaborative and respectful work environment.

7. Translate client briefs and notes,  adapt  the schedule, communicate with the supervisors and structure an actionable plan.

8. Perform other related tasks that need to reassure the smooth on time and on  budget delivery of the project.